Social Media Kick Starter Package

Enough is enough. It's been at the bottom of your to-do list for way too long. Social media can be a HUGE asset to your business when done right.

  • You know you should be using social for your business but you don't know where to start.
  • It's a pain in the butt so it stays on your to-do list, but at the bottom... where things go to die.
  • You're a sporadic poster so you never get traction.
  • You sit down to do it but man, what are you supposed to post about anyway?

Sound Familiar?? Keep Scrolling!


Here's what you can expect when you get the Social Media Kick Starter Package.


Clear Strategy

Know when to post, what to post, the social channels that are most important for you to show up on and how to get started.


Consistency without the Overwhelm

Our training videos and implementation guide will allow social media to smoothly integrate into your workflow without taking over ever again.


Saved Time

You'll have templates at your fingertips, an outline of exactly what to post and you'll be comfortable with a scheduling tool to post to multiple platforms at the same time.


Brand Recognition

With our templates, your audiences will notice your professional look and feel and start recognizing your brand and your posts instantly.

Pretty incredible right? See what's in the package!

See What's Included

So much value all in one streamlined package.

10 Personalized Canva Post Templates

To be used for posting that reflects your branding and social strategy

Personalized Social Media Strategy Report

Top 2 social platforms you should focus on

When you should be posting

What you should be posting based on your business and goals

Customized industry-specific and general hashtag list to get you noticed

Personalized Cover Photos

For recommended platforms requiring a cover photo 

Implementation Support

Video Training for Social Media Scheduling System

Video Training for Canva 

Implementation Guide

I'm officially crazy excited!

Pick Your Package

To get brand support, or not to get brand support. That's really the only question!

Social Media Kick Starter Package

(You Provide Your Brand Fonts & Colors)

What's Included:

10 Personalized Canva Post Templates

Personalized Cover Photos

Social Media Strategy Report Including:

  • Top 2 Social Platforms for Your Business
  • When to Post
  • Posting Categories and Topics
  • Personalized Hashtag List

Implementation Support

  • Video Training for Social Media Scheduling System
  • Video Training for Canva
  • PDF Implementation Guide

Social Media Kick Starter Package

& Branding Support

Includes Everything in the Kick Starter Package Plus

Select Your Top 3 Choices From

  • 5 Brand Personality Options
  •  30 Branding Color Palettes
  • 30 Font Pairings

Receive 3 Visual Bundles

  • 9 Canva Templates, 3 for Each Branding Set
  • Select Your Top Choice or Mix and Match

Branding For Your Social Media Kick Starter Package and More!

  • We'll use this final selection in your Social Media Kick Starter Package
  • You'll have brand parameters to use for all other places where you represent your business

(Logo Creation Not Included)

Hi, I'm Jaime,

I've been on this incredible journey working with the most amazing business owners to grow their businesses through digital marketing. I don't care where you are in your business, day 1 or day 100,000, digital marketing should be part of your strategy. After years of exclusively producing and publishing media for clients, we have created packages like this to give you all of the same tools and knowledge that we use with our clients to implement in your own business. I'm SO excited to see where it will take you.

- Jaime

Jaime Weatherby, Founder & CEO

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